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Transport Department

Transport Department functions under the provisions of section 213 of Motor Vehicles Act,1988. The Transport Department is primarily established for enforcement of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act,1988, Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act,1924(Amended 1993)and the rules framed under these two Acts.

Setup of the Department

The Transport Department is headed by the State Transport Commissioner. He is assisted by two Additional State Transport Commissioner, One Joint State Transport Commissioner, Deputy Controller (F&A), Deputy State Transport Commissioner, Punjab, Service Engineer, Automobile Engineer, Assistant Transport Commissioner (Tech) in the Head Office

Regional Transport Authorities and their Functions

The State is divided into 11 regions. One Regional Transport Authority is constituted for each of the 11 regions under section 68 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 with State Transport Commissioner, as single-man, Regional Transport Authority. These Regional Transport Authorities exercise and discharge the powers and functions conferred on them under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act and Rules made there under, which mainly relate to control of transport by way of grant of permits.

Unit Offices

With a view to decentralize administration and to be nearer to the public. Unit Offices headed by Secretary Regional Transport Authorities/Motor Vehicles Inspectors have been created . Work pertaining to Registration of Vehicles, Driving Licenses and taxation and issue/renewal of fitness certificate of transport vehicles is being attended at these offices. Sub Divisional Magistrates (except at District Headquarters) in Punjab have been appointed as Registering Authorities and Licensing Authorities to attend the work pertaining to Registration Certificates/ Driving Licenses etc. of non-transport vehicles at tehsil level.

Tax Collection Centre:

Eleven Tax Collection Centers have been established in the state to collect tax from vehicles entering in the state of Punjab from other states.

Driving Schools

The main objectives of Driving Schools are:

  • 1. Prevention of accidents by imparting scientific driving training to the candidates.
  • 2. To offer refresher courses to Government and other Drivers.

The driving schools have been authorized by the Punjab Government to impart Training.

Fitness Certificate Testing By Board Of Inspection

Fatal road accidents can be reduced, if motor vehicles are maintained mechanically in sound condition. Fitness Certificates are issued to motor vehicles after testing their physical and mechanical conditions periodically by Board of Inspection consisting of District Transport Officer and Motor Vehicle Inspectors. Fitness Certificate Testing Stations by Board of Inspection are already functioning at District Headquarters.