How to obtain a Learner License 

Where to approach for obtaining of Learner License

College students Should contact their principals office for applying for Learner License.

Approach your nearest Suwidha Centre or Licensing Authority (DTO or Sub Divisional Magistrate)


Eligibility for obtaining of Learner License

Age greater than 16 years but are less than 18 years are eligible for a license to drive only a motor cycle upto 50cc engine capacity i.e. motor cycle without gear. For this, they require the consent of their parents / guardians.

Age greater than 18 years are eligible to obtain license for a motor cycle equipped with gears and also for a Light Motor Vehicle [Motor Car].

Age greater than 20 years of age are eligible to obtain a license to drive a transport vehicle, i.e., a vehicle used to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward etc. such as taxi, auto rickshaw, bus or truck but they must have passed middle standard examination i.e. 8th standard.

However, no person shall be granted a Learner’s license to drive a medium or heavy goods vehicle or passenger vehicle unless he has held a driving license valid for a light motor vehicle (LMV) for at least one year.

A Learner’s license is essential for obtaining a driving license.

Physical Presence

It is mandatory to present yourself in front of Licencing

Authority to obtain the learner license Licencing authority will conduct the test of applicant and passes candidates are allowed to obtain the Learner license. Here digital data for the applicant is captured

Documents required to apply for Learner License

Fee of Rs. 30/- for each category of Vehicle applied.

Applications in Form 1, Form 1A [Medical Certificates as issued by any M.B.B.S. doctor] and Form 2. [These Forms can be downloaded from website]

Three recent passport size photographs.

Proof of your ordinarily residing address and date of birth through any one of the following documents :

School Leaving Certificate / Birth Certificate Ration Card / Election ID Card / Passport Electricity / Telephone Bill / House Tax Receipt Pay slip issued by any office in the Central / State Government or a local body Get the copy of the document attested by a Gazette officer of the central/state government or a local body

Effectiveness and Validity

Learner License is valid for a period of six months from the date of issue Learner License is effective throughout India .